About Us

360 Facility Group are a highly effective and proactive FM company.

We have drawn on years of knowledge and experience in relevant industries to find solutions regardless of what the situation is.

We guarantee if we cannot provide the solution to your problems, we have a service partner who can. 360 Facility group like to be in charge of any given situation and in full control from planning and scheduling to technical planning and project management right through to job completion.

Communication is the key, our planning, on site management and live reporting either simple paper reports or more up to date live reporting software like Opoc or Vism and maintenance portal management such as Pronett and Procure Wizard keeps clients in the loop.


Project Managers




Service Partners




FM Specialist Services and i4Brands work alongside 360 Facility Group.

Working in partnership with these companies allows us to cover a greater scope of works and limits our need to outsource. This in turn gives you a quicker and more efficient service yet keeps your points of contact to a minimum.

Spend Analysis

Collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing expenditure data with the purpose of decreasing procurement costs.

Procurement Audits

Contract and supply chain consolidation as a result of new contracts and acquisitions.

Contract Management

Brand Management and advice on suitable forms of structure to progress your company.

Management Strategy

Strategy for your property and your brand, ensuring it keeps you ahead of your competition.

Fit Outs and Installations

We can provide a variety of services to cover all possible installation requirements.

Maintenance Works

Continuous maintenace contracts to ensure all your assets are at full potential.

What makes us distinct

Our proven track record of helping our clients transform the way they procure facilities management and their brand to deliver savings along with service quality improvements. Also, a strong belief in getting the job done, we work besides procurement, fabric maintenance and installation experts to ensure you get the right result.


We are from an operational background so we’re not afraid to challenge your thinking or act as a fresh pair of eyes.

Dynamic Data

We are experts at analysing data and presenting it back in an informative manner that you can make informed decisions on. We understand both the people and data driven decision-making requirements.

If your second biggest cost is Facilities Management, you should be demanding first class advice.

There are so many pressures facing Facilities Management functions. Things are further compounded by the complexities of the Facilities Management marketplace with myriad of small suppliers through to global providers and biggest isn’t always best.

The principal goal of a maintenance organization is always to improve operational reliability.

To achieve this, a maintenance organization must have a clear vision and strategy with established procedures and goals. It’s important that everyday work include focusing long-term on factors such as root cause analyses in corrective maintenance to raise the degree of planning over time, thereby ensuring cost effective maintenance.

“360 Facilities Management promised a cost effective and precise service and, true to form, they delivered a top quality finish, on time and also within budget. They are extremely knowledgeable.”

— Marc Scott, Managing Director, FMD Architects

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